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You Are Your Greatest Guide

Maybe it's this month's past full moon energy, or maybe it's me realizing that we are already halfway through 2022, but I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately and I wanted to share something that's been coming up for me so far this year.

So far in 2022, I’ve hired and fired a “spiritual” business coach, and have had experiences with others who I trusted to be mentors or guides that seriously under-delivered.

While I did learn a lot from these experiences, both in content and through my own reflection and meaning making, the most important takeaway is that no matter what, I must trust myself, because I am my greatest guide.

In this post, I share my experience with my "spiritual" business coach in hopes of helping you see that you too, are your greatest guide.

Hired to Fired

Earlier this year, I hired a spiritual business coach to help me launch my business. While it was up and running before I hired her, I didn’t know much about running a business and was off social media for 8 years. So needless to say- I was looking for some guidance on all things business.

In the beginning, I really enjoyed our time together and I learned a lot. But then, as time went on, she started to provide business advice that felt out of alignment. Namely, that the content I put out to the world wasn’t as important as my consistency in showing up.

Now, if you know me, work with me, follow me, or have been keeping up with my blog, you know that all things I do are with integrity and come from my heart. The work I do, the things I write, and the videos I post all come from this place, so writing and posting for the sake of performing did not sit well with me.

This advice not only felt completely out of alignment with who I was, but it also felt completely out of alignment with my business and how I wanted to do business. In realizing this, I began to notice this happening more and more.

So, I began to listen to myself. I paid more attention to the feedback from my body and the quality of my thoughts and emotions before and after our calls. And once I did, I found that I started to feel icky (truly, the best way I could describe it) after our sessions, realized our sessions were highly scripted, and that she really didn’t understand the work I was doing.

After weeks of speaking with her about this and not seeing any change, I decided to terminate the relationship and fire her.

I can’t say I have ever fired someone in my life, so I was a little nervous- I was worried it was going to be a hard conversation to have. But at the end of the day, I knew the relationship no longer served me or what I was creating, so it had to be done.

And boy oh boy was it freeing.

In the weeks since, I have decided to show up how I want to, and in all the ways that make me feel excited. I don’t feel icky anymore. I feel really confident in myself, my business, how I am doing business, and trust that what I am doing is reaching those who it is meant to.

And it was in these moments of reflection that I realized that I am, and always have been, my greatest guide.

You Are Your Greatest Guide, Too.

People generally hire mentors, coaches, healers, therapists, etc. when they are looking for guidance- guidance on how to achieve something or process the events of their lives. While working with someone is like a FastPass to whatever it is you are seeking, it takes the right one to actually get you there.

However, regardless if you find the right mentor, coach, healer, or therapist- I want you to know that there is no guide more powerful than you and your own intuition.

Your intuition is that inner-knowing- the vibe you receive, the gut feeling you get, or the body wisdom that signals you to stay or go, say yes or no, or turn right or left. Your intuition is like your inner compass, steering you to your true North. And the best part? It is never going to steer you wrong (unless you are like me and have a horrible sense of direction ;) ).

If you follow your intuition and you made a mistake or end up facing a challenge, I want to assure you that you were meant to. You ended up exactly where you were supposed to be, in that exact moment in time, and were meant to learn something from the experience. You will never be dealt more than you can handle, and there is always an opportunity to course correct on the journey that is your life.

Run it Through Your Filter

Throughout our lives, some of us tend to lose connection with our intuition, and generally, learn not to trust ourselves. Unlearning this and reconnecting takes a lot of hard work, but believe me, it can be done.

To begin trusting yourself again, run everything you decide, do, and hear through your own filter-

Does it feel true? Does it feel in alignment? Does it feel right?

What will feel true? What will be in alignment? What will feel right?

- and sit with it. Connect with how you truly feel about something and begin to notice how your body and mind show up. If something makes your heart expand, then it is your truth.

I am honored to share this reflection with you, and sincerely hope this post helps you to remember your innate wisdom. Your power lies in knowing that you know what is right for you.

From my heart to yours,


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