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To Be Human is to Create

What is it that you want to create? What is asking to be birthed through YOU?

Sit with this for a moment. Close your eyes. Ask yourself these questions again. Maybe even more than once. See what comes up.

To be human, is to be creative. To be human, is to create.

This message came to me after feeling very stressed about school work, and seeking guidance on how to live in my highest potential and my highest good. I asked how I could make this day better than the last and how I could bring more light into my life. My guides blessed me with this message, and asked me these same questions I ask you.

Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in our everyday hustle and bustle, the 3D reality we are existing in, and forget to play. Forget to be creative. However, when we make time for the creative spark that lives inside of all of us- we are tapping into our intuition, our higher selves, our inner child, our soul desires. We are accessing all of those things because intuition and creativity come from the same place.

Each and every one of us was born on this planet with an innate gift. Part of that gift is your essence, your divinity, your unique personality, expression, and vibration. Yet sometimes when creating, or experiencing the urge to create, our inner Grem can come out. Grem might start putting thoughts of comparison, judgement, or unworthiness into your mind. But remember, there is no one, NOT A SINGLE PERSON, who sees this world, this life, like you do. There is no one like you, and that is your power. The fact that there is no one like you makes everything you are and everything you have within you profound, unique, and so incredibly special. So my loves, my question is: How can you tap into YOUR power, and create?

Think about when you were a kid- what did you like to do? I know for me- I was a doodler, a color-er, a collage-er, and a dancer. I used to put music on in my room and create choreography to my favorite songs. I remember having a silver radio and some CDs, and I used to just pop one in and dance in the small space in front of my bunk bed and dresser. I would dance to Jlo, P!nk (her first album!!!), and even Shania Twain. What a combination!! LOL. But the bottom line is, as an adult, I started to allow myself space to tap into that energy, that play, that fun, that limitless creativity, and just DO as if no one in the world was watching.

Lately, I loooove creating collages (and writings for this blog!). I love creating collages for many reasons, but one of them is because collaging is such an accessible art form! Just grab a few pictures, put them together and- ta da! You have art.

I love to look at pictures in magazines, flip through, and get inspired by what I see. I start cutting, ripping, and gluing, and just allow the scene I am creating to unfold before me. There isn't really a method when I create, I just do.

How many times in this last week have you let go, and let your intuition, your inner voice, guide you?

These days, I am increasingly called to create artwork that makes me feel connected to Gaia. I usually use my old Yoga Journals and create some Earthy collages from that- but last week I was called to go out on a hunt for some new magazines. Once on the hunt, I almost immediately found what I was looking for and the next day- I got down to business. I started with some beautiful flowers I liked, and then kept finding ways to incorporate other images that inspired me. At the end, the beautiful creation attached

was formed! I didn’t have it all planned out- my only intention was to get lost in the creative process.

When I create, this is probably the only time I go into something without having a plan LOL. I am pretty methodical- I love lists, I love a good ole plan for the day, and most of my time is spent doing a lot of math and a lot of research. I have an analytical mind that needs to be set free. Creating is medicine for me.

But, my friends- this was not always my relationship with creating. I used to go into this process with a plan, and truly, I would never really ever feel that great afterwards. The beautiful creation before me never seemed to live up to my expectations. But by letting go, beautiful things started to happen.

If you are feeling cut off from your creative spark, I am here to remind you that it can be accessed- with a little bit of ~soul work~. Slow down. Provide yourself the time and space to just dig into something. Maybe it's creating movement with your body. Maybe it’s creating a song. Writing poetry. Painting. Writing. Planting a garden. It could be anything!! Think outside the box, and just do. Allow your heart to guide you and something magical will be created.

If you need inspiration, get it from your younger self. They were, and always were, wise. After all, they are you :)

Here’s to being human, to being creators. I loved this message so much, and it really resonated with me deep in my core- so I had to share it with you all :)

If you create something, please post it on instagram and tag me! Or shoot me an email if social media isn’t your vibe. Some things aren’t meant to be shared with others, too :) If you are feeling called to share it, I’d love to see what it is you have brought to life.

I love you!

With all the love and light in my heart,


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