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All About the Full Moon

As I spoke with friends and family over the last few days, I observed a lot of amplified emotions, instances of uncontrollable crying, and the unveiling of cycles and patterns that no longer serve. Does this sound familiar? If it does, you are not alone. The Full Moon energy is felt by many.

In this post, I will explain the significance of the Full Moon, its symbolism, and some of my favorite ways to work with the energy of the Full Moon to manifest, release, and nurture my physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

The Full Moon and Full Moon Energy

Firstly, it is important to understand the symbolism of the moon herself. The Moon represents our emotional body, the divine feminine, and yin energy. As she moves through different phases over the 28 days of her cycle, her energies ebb and flow, representing different emotions, energies, and phenomena that we may experience in our own bodies. If you are in-tune with energies that exist outside of yourself, you probably feel these ebbs and flows intensely.

Understanding this, we can now begin to understand the energy of the Full Moon herself. After the New Moon, where the Earth, Moon, and Sun are in alignment in that order, the Moon begins to make its orbit around the Earth, building its energy as it once again comes into alignment with the Sun. However, this time, picture an Earth sandwich- on one side of the Earth you have the Moon, and on the other side you have the Sun. From this alignment, the Moon is able to reflect the light from the Sun back down onto Earth, revealing her full luminosity. There are no shadows and she is completely lit up. The Full Moon represents the peak of the Moon Cycle- reaching its full expression before releasing and moving back around the Earth, completing its cycle over the following 14 days.

It is no surprise then, that this is exactly what happens within us. The Full Moon's luminosity provides the energy we need to see all aspects of ourselves, heightening our awareness to receive insights that have been coming our way. The Full Moon energy points us to all that needs our attention, both in the direction of our dreams and in the direction of what needs to be released.

During this time, you may experience a lot of energy. You may feel emotions intensely, become hyper aware of other people’s energies, and may even experience difficulty falling or staying asleep. You may feel excited to reap what you have sown since your New Moon manifesting, or may see and feel called to release habits, people, or situations that no longer serve your highest good.

Whatever is coming up, working with the Moon cycle is all about understanding. Famous alchemist Paracelsus, once said, “…a wise man rules over the stars, but this does not mean that he rules over the influences which come from the stars in the sky. It means that he rules over the powers which exist in his own constitution.”

I often use the cycles of the Moon (and the movement of other celestial bodies) to understand what may be influencing my emotional body and that of others, but I do not use it as an excuse. These energies influence us, but do not control us. Knowledge of the Moon's energies and movements can empower us to be proactive, instead of falling victim to reactivity.

It is also worth noting that every Full Moon is different, so we may not always experience the same thing each Full Moon. Each month, the Full Moon enters into a different Astrological sign. For example- this month we are in Aquarius so the Full Moon is in Leo- the opposite side of the astrological chart. While I will not go in depth about the energy of this Full Moon, this insight can provide another layer of understanding of the energies that may be influencing you this month.

My Favorite Ways to Celebrate the Full Moon

During the Full Moon, I always like to remind myself that I am 70% water. If the Moon can exert such a force on the ocean that it produces larger waves than at any other time, then this is exactly what is happening within me as well.

As the waves of my emotions rise and come crashing onto the shore of my consciousness, I choose to surrender. To observe. To listen.

I remind myself that emotions are just energies in motion. So as the good, the bad, and the ugly crying show up, I take it as a beautiful reminder that these energies will move through me and are not forever. I also try to show up for myself in ways that will support me during this time, like:

  1. Creating the time to reflect on all that is coming up for me through journaling, meditation, and/or walks in nature to reveal insights and help me understand the inner workings of my mind

  2. Dancing to my favorite music to celebrate how far I have come, and move any energies that need transmuting

  3. Moving through a beautiful asana (physical practice of yoga) and meditation that will support my mind, body, and spirit receive and release

  4. Cleaning and clearing my physical space to enhance the release of what no longer serves

  5. Taking an Epsom salt bath to help my physical body release toxins and physical stress

  6. Writing what no longer serves me, and then burning that piece of paper or releasing it into water

When I journal during the Full Moon, I like to also come back to the intentions I set during the New Moon. Due to the potent energy during this time, it is worth revisiting these intentions to continue manifesting them into reality.

Here are some prompts that may help you get started with a Full Moon reflection and manifestation:

  1. What did I welcome into my life over the past two weeks?

  2. What is being illuminated in my life right now?

  3. What thoughts, behaviors, and actions are no longer serving me?

  4. What thoughts, behaviors, and actions are serving me?

  5. What can I surrender to at this time?

  6. What actions can I take over the next two weeks to live in intention and manifest all that I desire?

I hope that through this post and the suggested prompts, you have gained more clarity and understanding into what is being illuminated in your life at this time. And remember, everything is happening for you, not to you.

As always- sending you all the love and light in my heart,


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